Final Extraction

Final Extraction

We did our final extraction of honey from Calabogie Peaks Resort, and though we had an unfavorable year with all the rain, we ended up with a total of 118 lbs of honey.


The year wasn't it's best for many beekeepers in Eastern Ontario with all the rain, lots of lost queens, and lots of swarming.  Productions of honey was horribly low this year, but not every year is the same.  We keep our hopes high and look towards next year and better weather and a bee friendly bee season.  We enjoyed working with the people of Calabogie Peaks Resort, and were very happy that we had 2 great calm colonies to pollinate the many flower gardens around the resort.  With this years pollination, we should see an outbreak of more flowers per plant and garden next year.


If your interested in obtaining some of the Calabogie Peaks Resort honey, we will be dropping off the last batch of jars this Friday afternoon so make sure to stop in and grab a jar as they won't last long and it will be the last of it till next summer when we start the honey harvesting once again.

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