• Hive Share

Bee’s work hard over the season pollinating

1/3 of the food you eat each day. 


By purchasing shares in a hive, you’re doing your part to ensure

the health of your bees and ensuring continued supplies of

amazing fresh foods at your local markets.


For each share you purchase, you will receive a year’s supply of local fresh honey. 

Each share will get you 6kg of raw honey in any of the following size containers. 

  • 40 x 150g Jars
  • 12 x 500g Jars
  • 6 x 1kg Jars
  • 3 x 2kg Pails
  • 2 x 3kg Pails

If you want multiple sizes, you would have to purchase additional shares and select a different size.


As well for your purchase, you will be able to come and visit your

bees on scheduled viewing days in our yard.



At this time, all hives will be located in our bee yard.


* more shares gets you more honey.

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Hive Share

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