• Single Full Hive Rental (Monthly)

1 fully managed bee hive


All the seasons honey.

Your choice of a variety of sizes.  

(See available sizes at http://whitewaterhoney.com/)

All packages include:

- full beehive maintenance

- honey extraction and bottling

- pollination of your property

- Ontario registration of bee yard

- regular inspection for diseases and pests

- all required hive equipment

- all required medicines and treatments

- transportation and installation


  • During the rental period, no insecticides shall be applied in the vicinity of the beehives. If an application is required, the renter shall provide the beekeeper a 24 hour notice to protect or remove the colonies prior to spraying.
  • Colonies must be placed in locations accessible to the beekeeper, and allow for the beekeeper to apply maintenance, management and inspection during the rental period.
  • Renter will take all precautions to prevent the public from coming within the area of the beehives in case of allergic reactions.
  • It is agreed that the renter shall not be liable for losses to the bees or beehives brought about by natural causes or third-parties.
  • While the beekeeper shall take normal and prudent precautions and care concerning the bees, it is further agreed that the renter absolves the beekeeper from any liability concerning the actions of the bees, or losses related to locating the beehives on the property.
  • Monthly contract:  Billing is the 1st of each month and payment must be received no later than the 6th of each month.
  • Yearly contract:  Billing date starts May 1st and payments must be received no later than May 15th.
  • New beehive installations generally take place toward the end of May.  (This is entirely weather and temperature dependent and could delay installations) 
  • Beekeeper reserves the right to remove the beehives/equipment and the renter forfeits all honey products if payment lapses more than 30 days past the renewal payment date or monthly payment date.

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Single Full Hive Rental (Monthly)

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